GEM Microclip:


The right size for the Microsurgeon

Our line of hemostatic microclips ensure secure closure of even the most delicate vessels. These titanium clips have a unique chevron shape and interlocking atraumatic teeth that prevent multi-directional slippage making them the right size for the microsurgeon.

Diamond Shape Grooving

  • Diamond grooving and interlocking atraumatic teeth design of the clip
  • Striation is composed of small pyramidal heads, similar to tungsten carbide inserts in needle holders

Ergonomic Cartridge Design

  • Convenient adhesive backing on each cartridge
  • Precise and effortless clip loading
  • Clips fit perfectly into the custom, non-slip grooves of the appliers for effective clip retention and precise placement

Chevron Shape Clip

  • Provides progressive and encompassing tip-to-tip closure before complete and secure occlusion of tissue or vessels

Pure Titanium Annealed to a Malleable Consistency

  • Provides vessel occlusion
  • Zero memory to prevent the tip from opening after application
  • Biologically inert and radiolucent
  • Non-ferrous for use with MRI or related scanning equipment

Synovis GEM Microclip

Microclip Product Sheet